2004 Grand Cherokee (at a glance)

Factory Build Sheet (from Jeep.com):

VIN 1J4GW48N74C329538
Model Year 2004
Body Model WJ J H 74
Color PBQ Steel Blue Pearl Coat
Engine EVA 4.7L V8 Power Tech Engine
Transmission DGQ 5-Spd Automatic 545RFE Transmission

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’04 JGC Maintenance

Just picked up an ’04 JGC.

 04 JGC Maintenance


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’76 Vette Update

Vette is currently at Bondurant Auto Body.

First pic is during damage exploration a couple weeks after purchase. Hood was deemed unserviceable and bumpers remove to view underneath.

Second pic is how it stood before delivering to the body shop last week.

 76 Vette Update
 76 Vette Update

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Black Betty makover

new top – zip out windows, door windows - 4/30 new top ordered w/out door windows

front fenders – will need marker/ light turn signal relocation

rear armor coating flakingĀ & rusting

fuel tank strap/cover needs inspected for rust

drivers door latch not working from outside

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’00 XJ maintenance

exhaust rattle has gotten worse

drivers door – lock only works with key, speaker not working

rubbing sound in steering column (intermittant)

catch in steering when cold, first thing in the morning

oil change (think it was last done at 143k )

tire rotation – check tire pressures, tread depth/wear

check alignment parts for “tweaked” – see the alignment report from CarX

get est from Todd for rust spots



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A Note to Eckler’s Corvette

I wanted to contact you and say I am far from happy about the quality of the fiberglass parts I received, order # 11184560. Specifically with the front and rear bumper (Part # 33662 and 10341 respectively).

While I expected some fitment issues since this is a 30+ year old car, I did NOT expect the multiple thin spots and bubbles just under the gel coat. This has lead to extensive body work on, what should have been, install and go parts.

Here, we have an area that was less than a 1/16th of an inch thick. An area right next to the mounting surface.

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1976 Corvette Stingray

I own a Corvette beaches!

 1976 Corvette Stingray

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2000 Patriot Blue Cherokee

Latest Jeep in the collection.

 2000 Patriot Blue Cherokee

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For Sale: 1998 Ford XLT 4×4 (SOLD)

1998 Ford XLT 4×4
5.4L v8
Power Windows and Locks
Sony CD/Stereo
Alloy Wheels
Extended Cab w/ 3rd Door
Towing Package
Short Box w/ Bed Liner

New Brakes
Body in good condition w/ Very little rust, couple dings
Low Mileage ~122k
Stainless Steel Nerf Bars
Interior in excellent condition
New fuel pump
Clean title in hand

Needs tires but drivable currently
Needs AC compressor service or replacement

Well maintained.
Other than the “Bad” items listed above, has clean bill of health from a local Ford dealership.
All recalls up to date.

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’68 Mustang

Work has begun in earnest on the 68.

So far the 8″ rear axle is out and at SCS Racing getting reconditioned and a Posi-Lock added.

I’ll let the ‘mustang guy’ post up all that is going on.

 68 Mustang

 68 Mustang

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